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Engineering/New Construction Services

Industrial Cooling Towers, LLC., offers complete engineering and construction services to assist you with your new cooling tower application/s. By combining “state-of-the-art” components with sound, conservative thermal computer analysis, we can assure you that your new tower will meet or exceed the specified design parameters.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the most cost effective cooling water system design (counterflow or crossflow), while maximizing the tower’s performance capabilities. As such, consideration is given to critical operational parameters such as water quality, motor horsepower, and required pumping head.

In addition to grass-roots projects, our company has performed numerous “on-line” reconstruction projects requiring the demolition of an existing cell or multiple cells of cooling tower, and the construction of the replacement cell or multiple cells, as required.

Whether utilizing an existing or custom design, our company can assist you in determining which type of cooling water system will best serve your process requirements.

As with all cooling water system projects, we believe that a collaborative effort with you, our customer, will help to achieve the desired results and insure the overall success of the project.

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Industrial Cooling Towers, LLC, has developed a reputation for providing innovative products and solutions to address your existing or new cooling tower water system requirements.



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New Construction